Known or unknown

2017-09-16_19.28.26_wmI was debating, um’ing and R’ing do I let you know?. Would you care if I did?, do you even know it’s you I’m asking? And do you no why?. If you did, would it matter? Does your conscious tell you so?. Maybe it’s better buried. Maybe it’s better undug left in its slurry, maybe an undergrowing flower will earth from its forgotten pit, maybe a deathly orchid black and purple from its climb. Would you stand with me? Or stand and watch as I fall deeper and faster into my unknown. Would you COULD you know? Really know. We are a nation of followers a room full of stalkers abridged by likes and loves. It rules our heads more than our hearts. If pride was as proud as I am from my fall a very proud fellow I would be. But you don’t see my gains only the grains that I have sowed. You don’t see my light only the shadows it’s cast, do you laugh? Or grimnce at my shell?. Do you know that I don’t know the following that’s next?. I am a bucket full of questions with a million holes dear Liza. Patch them. Patch them with me. Maybe some of the holes are yours. Most are mine. Some are others, but I deserve a fill, I deserve my patch. I may grow from it what I wish I feel as though my garden has been sown and now needs replenishing, so I wait with baited breath to know if you know and if you are reading this I know you already do….


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