The ramblings of a mad epileptic

I’ve had a few absences today. Nothing as big as my clonic tonics. They are so strange I’m stuck in a daydream I am aware of those around me. I hear their muffled voices but I am not there. I’m not there, I’m sucked into an abyss a vast space a huge room of nothinness my eyes hurt. My head throbs it’s only seconds 30 or more but it seems to me like its been hours. There are no walls, there are no windows just me it’s white.Not bright white but clinical white thankfully there is no smell here, no rank decaying smell that has almost become a daily scent in my life. I know it’s comming it’s like a monster its rearing its ugly head. Not today please my body still aches from your last vist. But if I must face you today if i must give up my body to your tortuous beatings I’m waiting! Just so you know you can knock me down again and again! you have broken my bones made me bleed. But brake my spirt NEVER! 🖕you epilepsy 🖕you….. one day I will stand above you. You may still be there but only in my shadows. It will be you in that vast space. It will be you that’s broke. And me I will be stronger than ever seizure free. WZorking training, gyming, swimming and my art! I will dedicate some to you the darker pieces of course and right next to thst piece will be a fuck off massive huge piece of light! 😄 so take me now whilst you can. It won’t be long. And I will be back in charge.


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