All because she wants….

Why do you cry little one?
The tears trickle down
Are you hurt? What have you done?
Did you fall?
Scrape your knee?
Don’t sit in the cold hall.
Let mummy comfort you
Curl in my arms
It doesn’t matter what you do.
Have you been naughty?
Tantrums and false tears
I won’t think of you haughty!
Did you not get what you wanted?
Are these tears Real?
Or are they pretend?
You cannot get what you want this way.
My darling little girl.
You will learn this for another day.
You can’t scream and shout
And throw your body
All around and about.
A tough lesson you will learn.
And it’s hard to watch
But time will show you when the time turns
Until then you can cry it out
I will not yell
I will not scream or shout.
After this lesson you will know
That tantrums
Are not the way to go.



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