The losse’s and gains of friendships

Pain doesn’t have to be a loss of a loved one
That pain wher they have gone to a more wonderful place,
It doesn’t have to mean they have lost a battle to hard to fight
It isn’t some thing that cannot be faced
Cannot be worked through,
Cannot be mended or fixed
It may need some super glue
A a sticky band aid
Maybe a little bandage
It may leave a scar
But things heal
In time
I have time
You have time
We have time
How much we do not know
Things shouldn’t fester
Allowed to bubble and boil away
If things over cook
You have to start from scratch
With fresh ingredients
You can add but you cannot take away
Maybe our dish
Needs sesoning after our dish is done
Nothing is undoable
Words cannot be unsaid I know this.
But they can be replaced
With something more loving.
More understing words that need to be said
For the greatness of our well being
Friendship is something I hold dear
And when I have it
I give my heart and soul.
The unfixable can be fixed
And where there were strong foundations
Bricks of trust can be rebuilt.
Yes it isn’t easy
Yes it is painful
And yes it will be hard
But I like a challenge
That’s worth an effort.
Grudges I do not hold
I have no room in my life for hate
Only love.
My hands are to full of building myself back up
But there is room to rebuild us
There is always room for that.
Friendship is like a fortune cookie
Some times you get bad advice
Sometimes you get good.
But this is what it is
Its not all roses and sticky iced buns
But we need to take the good with the bad
And that’s real friendship,
Hard-core friendship
True friendship.
The good the bad and the ugly
We just need to find away of dealing with the ugly
The destructive
And cover it with light,love and truth.
No more baddness, no more venting
Just reality
And a little bit of love
It can be done.



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