For the want of love

In the pit of your stomach
It aches and it burns,
The ingredients of love
Pitifully churn,
They cannot be butterflys
They are to delicate and rare,
This feeling is tormented
It’s getting harder to bare,
Your eyes light up
As they glance at her face,
You look at her frame
Every inch you could trace,
Your mind it wanders
To places forbidden,
The feelings that dwell
Get buried and hidden,
She does not know
The torch that you carry,
In hope love will not be unrequited
And one day you will marry?,
You envy those around her
They flock and they yern,
Every bit of her attention
Is gracefully earned,
But she does not see you
Doesn’t know you exist,
To her your a face
That’s got lost in her mist,
You would follow in her footsteps
Bare footed if be,
In hope that one day
Her eyes will see me.




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