The oceans breath

Come to me she said,her salty breath cold and wet,her waters look shallow you know not of her depth, she entices you with her promise of comfort and joy, her frothy fingers all simple and coy, her body embraces you, your will is hers to take, like a siren of the sea her promises are fake, Come to me she whispers I’m not as cold as I look, my ice like glimpse can be easily mistook. Come my friend for my offers are rare, others have accepted without a care, I step towards her my confidence low, I watch as the waves lap to and fro, I’m up to my feet her grip is to strong, her body out stretched it’s far and its long, my body encased its to hard to swim, her voice is now low a little more than a din, keep coming my girl your life force is mine, and tonight I will thrive on it feast and I will dine, you came to me friend of the shore, now you will see the ocean like never before, fear not my friend the cold won’t last you will once again be warm after your watery mask, standing still my mind all composed your wrong I scream it wasn’t you but me  who chose, I back up against the waves their pull back in all fight, I shall not become you I will not die tonight,her anger is an outrage my fear has overcome, I step away from the shore line, with her I am done, she did not bewitch me her spell was to small,And the sea is now calm and gentle once more….2017-09-16_17.12.16


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