Nobody said it would be easy

What is love but a tourturous pain,Everything to give and nothing to gain, it isn’t the fall that kills you,but it’s the landing that do, the falling is easy it’s the jump that takes heed,the freedom of falling is all that you need, the wind in your hair, her taste on your lips, its that that causes the scales to tip,her face in your mind hold dear if you dare, still falling to earth for it is  her that you care, you would cut out your heart if she asked you to, And with  a blade as blunt as snow, with the love for her you would do, you never minded being on your own,your soul  was yours not hers to loan, you did not mind knowing that feeling, but when love is done you will hate its healing, your heart is still hers your body your own and now that she’s gone,your left to stand all alone. But you will not learn that love it doth kill, for it will come again….and you wait for it still.2017-09-16_19.28.26_wm


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